Check out this display from one of our customers, Pearls and More who purchased these dancing mannequins from us. Imagine if these mannequins with so much of their “skin” showing had marks or scuffs on them, it would detract from the beauty of the garments.


If you are using a mannequin in a retail environment or online photos you know know that now matter how carefully you handle the mannequin it will get scruffs, knicks and scratches on it with frequent use. Even people who use gloves when dressing their mannequin can’t prevent scuffs when other people and objects bumped against the  mannequin.

A visual merchandiser at Neiman Marcus shared with us their secret for keeping their mannequins looking nearly new all the time, no matter how long they have had the mannequin.

We thought it was going to be some speciality product carried at an art supply store or something like that. Instead they use Mr. Clean Magic eraser pads, a household product you can buy anywhere from Amazon to Target to your local hardware store.


It is like Botox for mannequins! This video we recorded featuring Roy Kunkle, the head of visual merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in SF shows how the pads remove scuffs from one of the mannequins that students had used in class.

We first started using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads on the mannequins that we rent to customers in the SF Bay Area. No matter how badly a customer handled the mannequin during the rental, Mr. Clean Magic Wipes always come through to make the mannequin look good.

3 We use both the original version and the one with the sponge. The one with the sponge seems to help remove hairline scratches as well as scuffs marks.

When customers  purchase a used mannequin from us we frequently include a free sample of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers as a gift with purchase.