Mannequins that were once destined for the landfill are now recycled by companies like Mannequin Madness and then repurposed by artists into various functional art pieces like lamps and furniture.

Today we are featuring the work of London based artist Mel Winning. She creates a variety of art pieces using old mannequins that she sells on her website.


We are biased at Mannequin Madness, as we love to see mannequins and mannequin parts turned into art.


Even if the art does not match our personal design aesthetic, we can appreciate the creativity required of the artist to repurpose an old mannequin.


And yes, we are also biased because artists are the primary buyers of our used and boneyard mannequins.


Kudos to Mel Winning for her creativity! if you are an artist based in the US or Canada and are inspired by her artwork, visit our website to find the right mannequin (or mannequin part) for your next project.

And for more examples of mannequins as lamps and furniture, visit  this Pinterest board.


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