Beyonce, Rihanna and actresses Kate Hudson and Sofia Vergara are just a few of the celebrities who are not athletes but are promoting their own line of stylish workout clothing.


In fact it seems like every other clothing brand and retailer wants in on so-called athleisure market. Athleisure is casual clothing meant to be worn both for exercising and for doing almost everything else. This trend is so hot that even the NY times wrote about it.

What the NY times didn’t mention was how this trend is changing the way mannequins look in order to display these new clothing styles.  Oh, they are still thin and sexy.


But now they are in range of athletic poses (yoga) to active inspired (stretching) instead of the “I’m too sexy for the catwalk poses” of the past. And they have a few more curves and muscles.


Even these mannequins in a relaxed pose look as if they just finished working out.


It used to be that you would only see mannequins in sports poses at stores such as Nike, Adidas and Athleta as these retailers could afford to have custom made mannequins like this:


But now that other manufacturers are making athletic-inspired mannequins, the price has dropped and the selection has increased.

This running mannequin is $270 when a few years ago it would be $500 or more.


If you need this style of mannequin we have a section on our website devoted to male and female  athletic mannequins for sale.  And we have a selection of gently used athletic mannequins  we acquired from a retail chain that went bankrupt.


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