ComicCon conventions have generated a demand for mannequins. Vendors need mannequins to display the products they are selling and attendees need mannequins AFTER the convention for displaying the costumes they have purchased. And we have a wide variety of mannequins for sale at various price points at Mannequin Madness.


We have  male and female mannequins with bendable parts so you can pose them in different positions.


We also have buffed and big and tall mannequins  that are similar to the expensive custom made mannequins Warner Brothers created to display Superman/Batman costumes at the 2015 Comic Con convention.


We have a flying female mannequin (cables included) that could be turned into SuperGirl. Or with the right costume to conceal her body, she could be a male superhero.


And if you want to modify a mannequin to turn it into a zombie, we have used mannequins and mannequin parts for sale. Much easier on your budget to tamper with a used mannequin.


To inspire you, we have this board on Pinterest showing examples of various mannequins on display at Comic Con conventions.



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