Mannequins and mannequin limbs are turned into a variety of decorative objects by the crafting community.  When we come across a cool tutorial, we post it on our blog and this Pinterest board so you can DIY.

This tutorial for a flower head vase using a mannequin head and paper flowers is from Brittany Watson Jepsen, the creator of one of our favorite blogs, The House that Lars Built.  We’ve edited her post to include the link where you can purchase styrofoam mannequin heads from our website. Other than that, the content and instructions are her words. So if you have questions, let her know.

Photography by Laura Sumrak
Styling and crafting by Brittany Jepsen

I’ve been eyeing Oh Joy’s ceramic head vases with envy for a few years now. I have a thing for things with faces on it. You know, completely normal. When I spotted some styrofoam mannequin heads, I thought: boom! Let’s DIY it!
It turned out to be super simple! Wouldn’t this be fun to make as a gift for the holidays? Cheap and fun!
 See below for full instructions

Materials: styrofoam head (get one here), x-acto, small sharp knife, glass cup, newspaper (optional), white high gloss spray paint, acrylic paint, paintbrushes

Step 1: I chose to paper mache my head because I didn’t want to see the styrofoam texture. I used newspaper to paper mache it and used a flour mixture for the paste. I used this recipe (and boiled it so it would be smoother)
Step 2: If you don’t want to paper mache, that’s completely fine. Use your white spray paint to coat it a few times. Let it dry completely.
Step 3: Trace around a glass cup to create the right size hole for your vase.
Step 4: Use your x-acto or knife to cut the circle. I found a smaller knife was easier than a large knife. It’s like cutting the top of a pumpkin.
Step 5: Take out the excess of the top of the head. Place the cup in the hole. This will be where you place your flowers or plants so it doesn’t make contact with the styrofoam and mold.
Step 6: Paint on a face with acrylic paint. I used this template for the faces.
Step 6: Arrange your flowers or plants. (I used my paper tulip tutorial for my paper flowers.)

Now, gift your vase to a flower loving friend!

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