Here are four fabulous examples of vertical succulent gardens created on life size wire dress forms.


These can be used indoors or outdoors with real or artificial succulents.

All of images are from Pinterest, this one was designed by Moreland Creations Fairy Garden.


These “succulent dresses”are ideal for someone who likes fashion and gardening. This one was designed by Four Seasons Painting and Landscaping and to purchase a step-by-step tutorial (just $10) on how to make this, click here.

3rd image

This succulent garden has FAUX succulents, but don’t they look realistic looking when placed outside next to real plants?  For a step-by-step tutorial with lots of photos on how to create this one, click here.


We sell a variety of styles of life size wire dress forms at Mannequin Madness so you don’t have to construct a topiary frame out of chicken wire.

4For more examples of succulents on mannequins check out this Pinterest board and to buy a wire dress form click on the link below.

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