The Acme Hotel in Chicago painted a series of flying mannequins in abstract designs and has display them throughout the hotel, like this


or in a grouping hanging against a wall in the lobby.


We hung one in our warehouse and call her Mannequin Super Girl ( we are shopping for a cape for her)


One of our customers bought five of them to hang around their huge indoor swimming pool. Can’t wait to see photos of that!

Whether you use her as diving, flying or as a piece of art, we have a truckload of them that we received from a bankrupt retailer who used them to display swimwear.


They are gently used and come with the cables and screws so you can suspend her.


 The challenge is the mannequin comes in a big box (72″ long) so she is a minimum of $100 to ship.

If you come to our Oakland warehouse you can take her away in your car or truck.