Retail jewelers and jewelry shops online have something very important in common: if they don’t attract attention quickly in this competitive marketplace, they can lose valuable sales.

Life is busy and distracting and our attention spans are very short, so if you don’t grab attention right away with an amazing jewelry display window that reveals the unique qualities and personality of your jewelry line, you may just lose that potential customer forever.

Here are 5 tips for selling your jewelry collection by creating a tantalizing display window:

  1. Don’t Clutter or Overcrowd the Space

 Most retailers fear that if they don’t display samples of everything in their inventory that people will believe they don’t carry it and will pass them by.

So, what happens is they load up the window display with so many items that there is no organization, focal point, or even a shopper’s desire to look at the hordes of items scattered haphazardly throughout the display?

In nearly every case, less is more. Keep enough space between items and have some larger, dramatic items near the top and bottom of the display, with some medium and smaller items neatly filled in around them.

Different levels of height create an interesting look. However, figures and accessories like mannequin busts for necklaces, an arm and hand mold for bracelets and rings, special displays and mounds for earrings and other items, and maybe even a mini mannequin figure to drape items on will be more inviting and appealing.

  1. Use Dramatic Visuals, Themes, and Color Schemes

Get really creative and don’t be shy when you start thinking of bright and bolder ideas that will make your jewelry window display stand out among all others.

You may want to utilize large photographs of models wearing your jewelry line, or maybe try complimentary artwork to create a theme, all of which has been used successfully by many large and successful companies.

Jewelry stores are able to use photos and artwork to perfection, and the results show. Since jewelry is small compared to many other items, this will help create visual interest and will encourage a trip to the window to take a closer look.

When you choose display holders and props, use complementary colors, fabrics, and styles that make the pieces stand out on the background. You don’t want to take attention away from the jewelry, you want to enhance its look and appeal with your choices. Bold is beautiful, but the jewelry itself should be the star of the showcase and be the center of attention.

  1. Put complimentary items and colors into smaller groups

If you carry many different colors, shades, and items of jewelry, group pieces that can be worn together, such as a necklace with a matching or coordinating set of earrings or bracelet.

Many individuals prefer certain shades and colors and they will be immediately drawn to the area with their favorites without having to search the whole display.

  1. Know Who Your Customers Are

A retail jeweler must know who the local shoppers are and cater to their lifestyles, tastes, and desires. If you are located in a small rural area with farmers and dairy cattle, you will design a display much different from one located in Manhattan or on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

The preferences of consumer shoppers are also changing rapidly, and you must keep up with these changes to not only survive, but to take advantage of it. If you don’t want to lose dollars to the jewelry shops online, you must cater to your customers.

  1. Lighting Effects are Crucial

Great display lighting is key and could be the crucial link to that sale. The design of your lighting system can make those beautiful gems, gold, and silver sparkle and glimmer, making them the envy of everyone that takes a look.

You can even use spot lighting to create a focal point to where you want the eyes to go first. You can create magnificent effects, such as shadows, angles, dramatic moving lighting, or colors that will make it irresistible to prospective customers.

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Author Bio:

Gracia Smith is a small business owner and a freelance fashion writer from Playa Vista, California. With five years of experience running her own clothing store, she has culminated the insider knowledge to help others in providing the best experience for their customers. When she is not busy working in her store, she enjoys learning about new ways to market her brand.



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