Here are mannequin gift items that are fun and often functional (you can display clothes or jewelry on them)

1 If you someone loves dogs we sell bulldog and pug mannequins under $100. They are small enough so they can fit on a dresser and women have been known to drape a favorite necklace around the neck of the dog or lay necklaces and rings on the back.

2 For the Francophile, we have a miniature dress form covered in a Parisian fabric for displaying jewelry or as decoration.

3 Jewelry doesn’t have to be a drawer when it is not being worn. We have a wide variety of jewelry display forms, such as these fabulous ring holders. 4 Or you can display rings, bracelets and necklaces on these jewelry display hands.

5 If some likes hats we have a variety of decorative head forms to hold their hats.   

Bonus Idea:  One of the most useful gifts for someone who likes to sew is a professional grade sewing dress form, but these are  pricey. Even the inexpensive ones are in the $300+ price range. So if you give your loved one a Mannequin Madness gift card (in any denomination you choose), they can apply it towards their purchase of their sewing form which makes it a bit more affordable for them.

For these and other gift ideas under $100, check out this link on our website.


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