Myla, London
Myla, London

If you haven’t put up Valentine’s Day display in your store window yet, here are some of the best displays we’ve seen over the years to inspire you. We also have this board on Pinterest devoted to Valentine’s Window Displays with even more ideas.

Holt Renfrew, Canada
Holt Renfrew, Canada

Even if you don’t sell products traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day —  flowers, chocolate or lingerie — you can still use this occasion to create an eye-catching display.

Why? Because you get more people to stop, look and come inside your store when they see something in your window that triggers their emotions.

Valentine’s Day pulls at people’s emotions – whether they are in love, want to be in love, have lost love, are learning how to love – so it is the perfect backdrop for almost any product.

This retailer is selling shoes, purses and belts in this Valentine’s window display. Vibrant red and purple colors in the window are a nice contrast to standout on gloomy, gray winter days.

Of course, lingerie is a top selling item for Valentine’s Day so if that is what you sell it is a “no brainer” that you use Valentine’s Day to showcase lingerie. But lingerie does not always have to be displayed in overtly sexy ways; it can be humorous, like this one also from Holt Renfrew.

Holt Renfrew, Canada
Holt Renfrew, Canada

Or dramatic and sexy like this “Miss Valentine” display at Agent Provocateur in London.

This savvy florist used mannequins for her Valentine’s Day display and it is a show stopper.

Dee's Flowers - So California
Dee’s Flowers – So California

Here are two different perspectives on special occasion dresses for Valentine’s Day. One retailer turned their windows into giant sized hearts to frame the clothing. The other retailer did not use hearts at all, but let the monochromatic red dresses on the mannequins convey the Valentine’s theme.

This interesting article from Ehow has some helpful tips (but no photos ) on how to create interesting Valentine’s Day window displays. And, to repeat ourselves, we have this board on Pinterest with more ideas.



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