Mosaic art in Europe is primarily seen on surfaces of walls and ceilings. But mosaic artists in the US are creating mosaic art on all types of objects, including mannequins.

Mosaic artists love to buy used mannequins and torsos and transform them into a “Cinderella” like a makeover.  In fact these used torsos that we sell for $30 each which look brand new are more popular with mosaic artists than with retailers.

One of our frequent customers is the Mike Murphy the owner of Mike Murphy Mosaics in St. Louis. Mike is smack in the heartland of America, yet his mosaic mannequins designs rival the skills of European masters. While some mosaic artists do this as a hobby, this is Mike’s full-time job (second career) and his work is purchased customers far and wide.

Mike (seen in the photo below)  said “my initial pieces were birdhouses, wall hangings, and table tops. Recently my art expanded into three-dimensional mosaics when I became inspired by the female form and saw the possibilities that glass might play in reinterpreting and enhancing the ideal shape of a mannequin.”

But he doesn’t limit his work to female mannequin forms, as you can see by this exquisite male torso he did.

Mike’s last purchase from us was our diving mannequin where he created a “mosaic wetsuit” for her to wear as she glides through the air.

At Mannequin Madness, we love it that mannequins we’ve salvaged from retail stores get purchased by artists like Mike and then repurposed into art projects that will last for decades!

Even the most beat up, cracked, and damaged mannequin can get a mosaic “facelift” and get turned into something beautiful.

For more examples of mosaic art on mannequins, check out this board we created on Pinterest devoted to mosaic art on mannequins.


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