According to WWD, hosiery is making a comeback. Sales among Millennials — women age 18 to 34 — increased 12 percent over the same time period a year earlier. But this is not your mother’s version of nylon pantyhose, but rather hosiery as a form of artistic expression.
Wolford has been in the hosiery business since the 1950 and their brand has become synonymous with the world’s finest leg wear. And they are the industry leader for having some of the most fashion forward and visually appealing leg wear displays.

The photos in this blog post are from Wolford stores to give you ideas on how to create powerful hosiery displays to sell more product.

You can find a variety of hosiery leg displays (clear and fleshtone) for sale at Mannequin Madness so you can mimic this ideas you find in this blog post.

We have the cross leg hosiery pose in the photo above as well as a single leg version.

If you want to display a grouping of legs as in the photo’s above and below, we have a limited supply of gently used hosiery legs so you can get two for the price of what we charge for one brand new one leg.

A single hosiery leg can be impactful too when you use visuals like this to draw attention to it.

The Wolford advertising campaigns use live models who are posed in ways to show off their hosiery clad legs to maximum impact like this –

We have a variety of styles of seated mannequins in positions that can showcase hosiery like the models in the  Wolford campaigns

Like this egghead style mannequin that you buy  here (pedestal is included).

If you prefer mannequins with slight facial features this one shows a leg fully expanded so you can see every detail of the hosiery.

Lastly, if you prefer realistic mannequins then this one in a crouching position will look great in a window or on a shelf.


Whatever your preference is for your displays – hosiery legs or seated mannequins  – you can buy them at Mannequin Madness and what your hosiery sales soar!

We have a Pinterest board devoted to mannequin leg displays to give you more ideas for displaying hosiery.


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