Do you have an idea for creating a mosaic art project using a mannequin? Here are some tips and resources but first check out some of these examples of mosaic mannequins gardens that I found on Pinterest.

18 years ago I searched on craigslist for a used mannequin to mosaic and place in my garden.

I ended up buying 50 mannequins from a mannequin rental business that was closing.

So instead of having a mosaic mannequin in my garden, I was now selling mannequins from my backyard and starting my business, Mannequin Madness

Even though I eventually moved my business to a big warehouse, I never got around to doing that mannequin mosaic project.

Instead, I experience is vicariously by providing

mosaic artists with a steady supply of used and boneyard mannequins at discount prices so they can create the type of projects I never got to do.

For example, we sell this 3/4 female torso for under $50 each. It has paper mache finish, so minimal prep work is needed before applying an adhesive.

One of the questions we get from new mosaic artists is “what are mannequins made of?”

and “what type of adhesive shall I use for my mosaic project?”
We have the answer to the first question (fibreglass) but in order to answer the second question, we refer them to someone with real experience, versus my “someday” experience.

Artist Joe Moorman owns Mosaic Art Supply and writes the How To Mosaic blog.  He displays his art online at Riverson Fine Art. His mission is to promote contemporary mosaic as a fine art and encourage ordinary people to make original mosaic art in their own style.

Mosaic Art Supply’s selection of glass mosaic tile, mosaic art gallery and how-to-mosaic pages represent the most authoritative and complete mosaic supply site on the Internet.

Founded in 2002, Mosaic Art Supply offers free project advice, low prices, quick shipping and an ever expanding selection of mosaic tile and supplies.

Here is the article he wrote on adhesives for mosaic mannequins and fibreglass sculptures.  Check it out here


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