We have converted a tiny section of our mannequin warehouse to a mini photo studio for online sellers to photograph their products. The rental is budget priced of $60 an hour, with a 2 hour minimum. An added bonus is we have free parking – almost unheard of in the Bay Area.

We did this because a large percentage of our local customers are starting an online business or sell on Etsy/Ebay and buying their first mannequin from us. They were previously photographing their items on a hanger (or on the floor) and now are investing in a mannequin, torso or jewelry form. While they might have a great camera  and now a great prop, they don’t have the extra funds to rent a photo studio to take professional caliber photographs.

Yet having a well lit photo’s against a  neutral background are essential for getting online sales. Dimly light photos taken against your living room wall with stuff in the background, just don’t cut it. Even for craigslist posts.

So since we had space in our studio where we photograph mannequins for our website, we thought we would make this space available for online vendors.  You bring the camera and/or the photographer and we have everything else you need for photographing your apparel or jewelry.

Our basic package includes:

  • a white backdrop
  • natural lighting
  • garment racks & T-pins
  • steamer
  • rotating base (so you can easily take photographs from different angles)
  • any 2 mannequins or dress forms from our extensive inventory in our warehouse. (One person can dress the mannequin while another person is photographing  so you can photograph a lot of items in a short period of time)

For an additional fee you can rent

  • hot lights w/umbrellas
  • a tripod
  • access to as many mannequins as you want in our warehouse, including the ghost mannequins.

Our first photo studio rental customer (seen in the photos) were the owners of Ballroom Consign, which is the Bay Area’s only ballroom consignment shop. They sell new and used ballroom costumes, shoes, accessories and also rent them.  Initially they were photographing their merchandise in their home which looked like this.

We will add the photos that they took at our photo studio as soon as they publish them online so you can see what a difference a photo studio makes.

To schedule your booking call us  at 510 444-0650 or email us at sales@mannequinmadness.com