April 11 is National Pet Appreciation Day so all of our dog mannequins are on sale for the next seven days. (Sorry cat lovers we have not found a reliable source for cat mannequins)

Just type in the word PETS at check out to get $20 off at check out.

Dog mannequins are not just for pet stores but are used as fashion accessories in all kinds of store displays.

Here is how one of our customers, Lili the First in Washington DC displayed the greyhound mannequin she purchased from us.

Other retailers use dog mannequins as a prop to display jewelry.  For other display ideas with dog mannequins check out this Pinterest board.

We have French Bulldogs in a range of colors to match the  color scheme in your store or home.

And if you like larger dogs we have poodles and pit bulls – also in various colors.

Check out all the other styles of  dog mannequins we have for sale  here.  And remember to type in the word PETS at check out to get $20 of.


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