Balloons make versatile props for your window displays.  This blog post features a study in contrasts – an expensive balloon display at a luxury retailer and a more budget friendly display display from another retailer. Color-Exploration-in-Bergdorf-Goodman-windows-New-York
Here is how Bergdorf’s uses balloons. (these photos are from the retail design blog)

This last image makes me think the mannequins heads were eaten by the “flying sea monster” balloon. I think the balloons overpower the clothing.

On the opposite end of the scale, here is Anthrolopogie, where the balloons are not as overpowering-

I think the pink poodles on a leash be much more convincing if there was a mannequin with arms holding the leash instead of a dress forms.

In this window display above, I am not sure if the deflated balloons are part of the design element or the casualty of too much sun in the window.


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