Athleisure clothing is a “weird hybrid” of business casual and athletic wear. Clothing that was designed for workouts and other athletic activities is now being worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions.

And this new clothing category has created four trends in the styles of mannequins to showcase athleisure apparel.

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Trend #1 – Casual Poses 

Gone are  the “I’m too sexy for the catwalk” pose or stiff military style pose. Instead athleisure mannequins are in casual, relaxed poses as if they are “just chilling” after working out.

Trend #2  Sports Poses

Mannequins are now in poses that mirror the type of athletic activity people are doing when wearing athleisure clothing. You can get a male or female mannequin in almost any type of fitness pose – running, yoga, golf or basketball.

Trend #3  Dancing Poses

Athleisure clothing are as popular on the dance floor of a night club as they are in a Zumba class. So mannequins you can find mannequins that look like they are dancing or even twerking.

Trend #4 –  Groupings of Leggings 

Some say that the athleisure trend grew out of women wearing yoga pants (thank you, Lululemon). Even people who don’t step foot in a gym or even walk fast are wearing leggings because they are comfortable and versatile.  The best way to showcase the wide variety of styles of leggings available is on a grouping of mannequin legs (as above).

The athleisure trend is firmly entrenched. Are you store displays showcasing the clothes to their best advantage?


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