Do you love this subway map from my favorite city that is decoupaged on a mannequin! Want one for your home or store?


Here is part one of two part series with a list of resources online with videos or free tutorials to show you the steps involved in decoupaging a mannequin form.

The crafting site Cut and and Keep has this tutorial for the decoupage form above

We frequently have used and boneyard dress forms for sale at discount prices which a perfect for your decoupage projects.

 The crafting site Mod Podge rocks has this tutorial for the decoupage form above.

On the youtube video above you can see a crafter using Mod Podge to decoupage a mannequin form that she is turning in to a lamp.

 We created a Decoupage on Mannequins board on Pinterest which has lots of other beautiful examples of the different styles of decoupage projects that people do with mannequins like these below from Etsy designer Starview Sonnet. 

We have wasp waist mannequin forms for sale if you want the shape of the forms above.  Check out tomorrow’s post with other decoupage dress forms resources.


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