Need ideas for celebrating Gay Pride this month?  Here are our five favorite ones – from G rated to R rated – so something for every audience.

It goes without saying that we prefer Gay Pride window displays that feature two or more mannequins. Even better if the mannequins we purchased from us! We sell new and used mannequins.

Here is our list:

1 – Child mannequins holding gay pride flags at camping window display at a Marc Jacobs store.


2 This Ralph Lauren window display stays true to the Ralph Lauren aesthetic – understated and aspirational.


3 Believe it or not this “brief encounter” window display is from a retailer in Moscow! They get bonus points for including a reclining male mannequin as well as a mannequin of color – something you rarely see in window displays in the U.S.


4 This window display at Levi Strauss was to celebrate same sex marriage. Most of the time when retailers have gay pride windows they only feature male mannequins as if lesbians don’t exist.


5 This “boots and briefs” display is from a Diesel store in San Francisco – the gay mecca of the world. This display might get another retailer in another city arrested.


A more G rated version of this window, is this one from Aussie Bum in West Hollywood.


For more ideas, see our Gay Pride Window Display board on Pinterest.

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