Window displays are the original “ social media”. They are 24 a hour marketing tool that can get people to talk about your store and take photos of them….. if they are done right. One independent retailer who “gets it right” is Pearls and More Jewelry in Monticello, Illinois. Check out one of their recent store window displays:

Pearls and More window displays are SO much more appealing than the traditional  jewelry store window display which looks like this:

Now be honest: which window display is more appealing and more likely to get you to stop, look and go inside? I vote Pearls and More!  Their creative and engaging window displays and reflects the unique and fun shopping experience there. And they change their displays, not just the jewelry in the displays, consistently with each season.

You you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have appealing window displays.  But you do need creativity and the ability to execute your creative ideas.

For example the “mannequins” in the windows are actually a black French body form with a styrofoam head attached that is painted and topped with a DIY hat.  Looks very chic. The owner of Pearls and More, Bill Haworth has traveled extensively in Europe and no doubt is influenced by the fabulous window displays he has seen there.

Pearls and More has an amazing design team that knows how to get maximum impact without spending a lot of money. They purchased used mannequins from us and they also buy mannequins in unusual poses which has more visual appeal than a mannequin standing in a straight military style pose.

Jewelry is one of those items that is considered to be“non-essential”. So in order to sell more of it, you can not just pile it up in the window, but rather give it some visual impact using props, color, and composition. Rather than putting the focus on price and practicality, the focus is on style and sizzle. You are stimulating desire, not satisfying needs.

If you are located in the SF Bay Area we have two visual merchandisers on our team who can consult with you and design your windows.

Alternatively, we have this jewelry window displays board on Pinterest. Of course we like displays that include a mannequin or a mannequin limb or at least a jewelry bust form. But from time to time we showcase unique displays like this one from Chanel made out of foam core.

Hat’s off to Pearls and More, for realizing that one way to get shoppers in the store versus shopping online, is to create visual interest with the window displays.




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