One of the most classic and impactful Halloween displays are the wicked witch of the west legs. a. They are versatile (can be used indoors or outdoors, can be funny or scary) and easy to assemble. (nothing to carve or sew) All you need are a pair of new or used mannequin legs, stockings and footwear.

But just like snowflakes, no two witches legs are alike. Here are some of our favorites from our Halloween displays with mannequins board on Pinterest. You can vote on your favorite using the arrows below the captions.

1 Some witches don’t wear boots, but instead wear high heeled ruby slippers. This idea came from Candypopstyle – a European based blog .

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2 This humorous display by Simple Dimples uses signage to add some additional visual interest.

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3 A different type of urn and signage gives this display a more haunting feel. This one was created by the Curious Sofa blog.

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4 I never thought of a witch coming down a chimney (I thought only Santa did that) but this is a cool idea by Party City.

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5 This witch has a crash landing. If you want a tutorial for how to make this, check out the Dave Lowe Design blog.

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You can buy mannequin legs and other limbs for your Halloween Displays by looking up Used Mannequin Vendors in your city or checking on Craigslist.


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