Here are five different ways you can turn an inexpensive Styrofoam mannequin head into a memorable display for serving your Halloween treats.  Note you can buy a pack of 5 styrofoam heads for $35 at Mannequin Madness here.

1 A hollowed out styrofoam head can be used as a food platter like this one filled with shrimp to simulate eating human brains.

2 If you prefer elegance over creepy, you might like this painted head display for you tablescape which was create by Justina at the Jungalow.

3 Whether your call it a head waiter or a dumb waiter this is a classic from Martha Stewart.

4 If your Halloween party involves small children, you might like this Painted heads tutorial.

5 Or give your mannequin heads a mohawk for a more punk rock themed display.

For more ideas on using mannequin heads and mannequin parts for Halloween, check  out our Halloween Pinterest board.

And we have a huge variety of styles of styrofoam mannequin heads for sale at Mannequin Madness.


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