If you have fallen in love the Dress Form Christmas Trees that we have been pinning on Pinterest since 2015 and want to make your own, we have all the resources at Mannequin Madness.   We have  tutorials with detailed instructions on  how to make the 4 most popular styles of dress form Christmas trees.

The tutorials were designed for us by Hector Villacorta at florist based in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  (that is him in the photo). Some of the Dress Form Trees can be made in one hour and require no prior crafting experience or special tools.  Others require a little more skill and patience.  All of them can be made with real or faux garland.IMG_6043

In addition to the tutorials, we sell a variety of styles of cloth and wire dress forms for making a Dress Form Christmas tree. Type in the code HolidayDIY15 at check out to get 15% off these popular dress forms.

One of the many wonderful things about creating your own Dress Form Christmas tree  (also called Diva Tree) is it gives you a chance to be fashion designer and create a custom look. Just like snowflakes, no two dress form Christmas trees are alike, even when using the same tutorial!

If you make your dress form tree on a wire frame you can use it outside, even in cold climates.

You don’t have to buy a new dress form to make this look. Sometimes you can find a used one on Craigslist and sometimes we have used ones for sale at Mannequin Madness.  If the used dress form has stain or is discolored, you can conceal it with velvet dress form cover and give it an instant face lift. While  green garland is the most popular choice for a Dress Form tree, some people do use white flocked garland.

Visit our Holiday Dress Form Tree group on Facebook so you can see all the different types of holiday trees our customers have made with out tutorials. And you can post your finished design to share with the community and ask our design team a question if you need help while making yours.

After Christmas is over, you can repurpose your dress form tree – something you can’t do with a regular Christmas tree. You can swap out the pine garland and put in other seasonal foliage. That is why we call them holiday trees, instead of Christmas trees, because you can use them for holidays throughout the year.

Or you can remove all the decorations and use the dress form to display clothing or jewelry in your store or home. This is why Dress Form Holiday trees are truly a  “green”  way to decorate for the holidays. You aren’t cutting down a tree and you can re-use them after the holidays. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is our motto at Mannequin Madness!  And we want to do it while being fashionably styled.