In the dorm room of the character who plays Zoe on the TV Show Grownish, is a mannequin dress form (see image in far left corner)

While it might appear that she is using the dress form for purely functional reasons – a place to hang her jacket – it also is a way to showcase her fashion style. Rather than have the jacket in the closet, it is only display like a 3 dimensional form of art.


Fashionista’s of all ages have been buying dress forms and other mannequin products from Mannequin Madness their bedrooms.

Instead of stuffing your favorite necklaces or belts in a drawer (where they can get tangled up) why not put them on a dress form so you have easy access to grab them when you need them PLUS you can quickly see what you have?

Branding expert, Shelia Coates, owner of Be Your Own Brand, bought one our leather dress forms to display her collection of pearl necklaces and chokers.

If need a dress form for your bedroom or dorm room, we have a wide selection available at Mannequin Madness. And you can get 10% off your purchase if you type in the code Grownish at check out.


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