The best way to find a missing stand for your mannequin is to go directly to the manufacturer of the mannequin. However with so many mannequins made in China or in the case of vintage mannequins, the manufacturer may no longer be in business, this is not always an option.

In the past most mannequin stands were made out of glass. And even though it was commercial grade glass, it would eventually get broken. And often the base AND the rod would get thrown in the trash.

Nowadays, most mannequin bases are made out of metal or aluminum. We sell two styles of mannequin bases which work with 75%  mannequins on the market. One has a square base and comes with both a round foot rod and a calf rod. The calf rod only works with the newer model mannequins and the foot rod only works if the mannequin has a round (not square ) hole in the bottom of the foot.


The other one has a round base and only the foot rod, not the calf rod.

We also sell other replacement parts like the attachment fittings for the arms, legs and torso as well as mannequin hands. You can find all of them here.


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