At Mannequin Madness customers ask us all the time about putting a mannequin on a bicycle. Is it better to buy a seated mannequin? A bendable mannequin? Or a mannequin an athletic mannequin that is already posed as if it is riding a bicycle.

Well the answer is: all of the above. However a mannequin like the one below that looks like a cyclist is not readily available in the US. This one is manufactured by a company in UK called Valentino Displays.

Some other companies in the US do make them, but they tend to be custom made and require a large minimum purchase.

So if that is out of your budget below are other alternatives with mannequins that you can find for sale on our website.

Cloth bendable mannequins can be positioned to look like they are riding a bicycle.

A seated mannequin is the most popular pose for a mannequin on a bicycle display. You can buy seated female mannequins here.

And male mannequins here.

Even retailers who are not selling athletic clothing, use bicycles among their standing mannequins as a prop to add visual interest in their store displays.

These images are taken from our Pinterest board – Mannequins on Bicycles. You can follow that board to see even more examples than what we have posted here.


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