At Mannequin Madness we get calls from customers at all the time asking if they can put a head on a headless mannequin. Technically the answer is yes – as skilled mannequin repair companies do this all the time. But for the amateur, the answer is NO for several reasons which are explained below.

However instead there are creative ways that you can make a generic headless mannequin look A LOT more interesting and give the illusion that it has a head. Case in point:

The images in this blog post are from our Pinterest board Heads for Headless mannequins. You can follow that board to see even more examples than what we have posted here.

Back to the question of why you cannot put a head on a headless mannequins.

First this involves cutting into fiberglass (the material the most mannequins are made out of). You need special tools to cut into fiberglass AND you need protection while cutting into it because particles that make up fiberglass are toxic.

Secondly where do you find the mannequin head? Either you have to cut it off the torso of a mannequin or you are buy a mannequin head like the ones here which are used to display hats, wigs or sunglasses.

These heads have a neck attached to them and a wide base, both of which need to be cut off in order to fit on top of your headless mannequin. Not an easy thing to do or line up just right  so you don’t have too much neck or too little neck. And will the neck diameter match the diameter of your headless mannequin?

Lastly even if you master the cutting, there is the issue of the paint finish. Most likely the paint color of the head is not going to be the same as the headless mannequin. All the work involved, plus tools needed to do it, make this a costly concept.

So if you want a mannequin with a head the best thing is to buy a mannequin that already has a head attached in the first place. We have lots of mannequins with egghead, abstract  or realistic heads for sale at Mannequin Madness.

Or take your headless mannequin and use some of the creative ideas like the one below which you can find more examples on this Pinterest board.


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