Maternity wear has become much more fashion forward over the years and you even see more retailers showcasing maternity wear in their store displays.

So we have a variety of styles of maternity mannequins at Mannequin Madness, something for every budget.

Our best seller is the maternity pillow which can be attached on any regular sized mannequin to give it a baby bump.

But the pillow does have a tendency to shift around and not stay in place. And it just doesn’t have the realism of a true maternity mannequin, so we have these other choices.

This lightweight 3/4 maternity torso can sit on a table or hang from the hook at the neck.

If you prefer a full size mannequin we have two styles with realistic features. This one  with the formed hair –

And this one, that is grasping her bell. This is pose that many celebrity women getting their photo taken default to in order to remind us that their weight gain is because they are pregnant.


We also have a full sized headless maternity mannequin-

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