The success of the movie “Black Panther” has created an explosion in the sale of Afro-Fusion themed clothing and jewelry. Check out these examples on Pinterest.

If you are a vendor selling Afro-fusion items online or at a trade show, the next best thing to having a live model to display your wares, is an African American style mannequin to display clothing or an African American style head for jewelry and accessories.

You find such mannequins at Mannequin Madness (both male and female mannequins) And we are offering a 15% discount on them until Sept 30, 2018 Just type in the code 2Wakanda at checkout and the discount will be automatically applied.

If you are buying more than $399 worth of mannequin items, instead of the 15% off, you get free shipping using the code ShipForFree.

Unfortunately mannequin manufacturers only make a limited amount of African American mannequins so there can be frequent out of stocks of them. So while Wakanda might be forever, these products at these prices are not forever. So shop now here.


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