If you need a mannequin, dress form or body part and are in the Bay Area you can get a 50% savings on most of our used inventory in our Oakland warehouse when our buy our Groupon offer.
The used inventory in our Oakland, Ca warehouse are items that we acquire from retail chains when they close or remodel stores. Although this inventory is already discounted we have SO much inventory with all the recent retail store closures. So we are offering an even greater discount thanks to our local customers thanks to Tiffany Haddish and Groupon.

Let me explain. I am a big fan of Tiffany Haddish – not so much from her acting in the movie “Girl’s Trip” but from the gig’s she got AFTER the movie. And her book “The Last Black Unicorn” was so inspirational especially when you listen to it on Audible so you hear the book in her own voice.

Anyway, while she was promoting “Girl’s Trip” she spoke about buying a Groupon deal to go on a Swamp Tour in Louisiana and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett decided to join her.

She spoke about this Groupon deal so much and her own frugal tendencies that Groupon hired her for their commercials, which are SO FUNNY.


Although I had purchased Groupons for restaurants and dance classes, I had NEVER considered a Groupon for my mannequin business. As I said, my prices were already so discounted, I didn’t feel I needed to offer additional discounts.Plus I am the only used mannequin business in the Bay Area so it wasn’t as if I had to lure customers away from my competitors.

But after listening to Tiffany, I decided re-evaluate, cause everyone – even celebrities like Will Smith who can afford to pay – likes a bargain. There are people who don’t really NEED a mannequin or dress form but would WANT one if the price was right.

SO I decided have a  Groupon offer where you can buy the coupon for  $40 and get $80 worth of merchandise.

This would appeal to people who are sell merchandise at crafts shows, Etsy, Ebay and need a mannequin or some type of display form to showcase their work but don’t want to spend a lot on it. As well as people looking for body parts because they are going to Burning Man or setting up Halloween displays.

The photos in this post are just a few examples items we are selling for $40 (so you can get 2) or for $80. With one or two exceptions, nothing in our warehouse is over $120. So even if you buy one of our more expensive items, you only have to pay an additional $40 to get something like this:

Perhaps we can get Tiffany will buy our Groupon and next time she is in Oakland get a dress form to display her infamous Alexander McQueen gown.



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