These budget friendly Halloween displays use either styrofoam mannequin heads or used mannequin heads from cosmetology schools. We have mannequin heads for sale at Mannequin Madness.

1  This display was in a store window at a major retailer in the 1990’s – still a timeless classic. Used heads from cosmetology schools are ideal for this type of display

2 These styrofoam mannequin heads look like floating spirits. Wanna make this? Check this link from Martha Stewart.

You can buy male , female  and children styrofoam heads at Mannequin Madness in groups of five.

3  This severed head looks like this so scary. The head looks like it might have been custom made versus a standard mannequin head form.

4  How about shrimp cocktail in a mannequin head so that it looks like brains.

5. You can use mannequin styrofoam mannequin head and pipe cleaners to create a Mrs. Frankenstein.

6 Or if you want something more elaborate use a realistic fiberglass mannequin head, wig and rubber snakes to create Medusa.

7  Imagine  hosting a party where server drinks on a tray that looks like this:

To make this “head waiter check out this like here, also from Martha Stewart.

For more ideas on using mannequin heads and other mannequin limbs for Halloween displays, check out our Pinterest board.


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