Whether you like your Halloween displays on the creepy/scary side like this clear female torso filled with
child size heads, arms and legs

Or on the humorous side like this one with Female Mannequin legs for wicked witch displays.

Or something that is a little of both-

You will find that mannequin parts are very versatile as Halloween displays. They are made out of fiberglass or
plastic so they can be placed outside and withstand all kinds of conditions.

You can repurpose them for something else after Halloween is over (assuming you haven’t covered them in
fake blood all over them).

Since you can usually find used mannequins on craigslist or from used mannequin vendors – you don’t have to
spend a lot to create your display. If you just want mannequin parts versus an entire mannequin, you can
buy them here.

For more ideas using mannequin parts visit our  Halloween board on Pinterest.


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