Mannequin Madness is having a buy one get one free sale on selected USED athletic male and female mannequins.

We recycled these mannequins from a national retailer of outdoor apparel/equipment when they remodeled their stores. They were manufactured by Mondo mannequins and would normally cost over $500 brand-new. We are selling them for $120 each so if you buy 2 you are getting them for $60 each.

All of them have an athletic physique and some are in athletic poses as well

Hiking –



Warning: the stands on these mannequins are SUPER sturdy in case you want to display them outside or at a busy trade show. But they are also very heavy and require shipping in a separate box. This increases the shipping cost of these mannequins to $80.00 each. So if you are in the SF Bay Area and can come and pick up the mannequins, that is the best deal.

Find all styles here.


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