This adorable photo from the Instagram account of from Local Roots Flower Farm in Utah inspired us to promote this idea of Graduation Floral Crown Headdresses for adults.

Most of the cool ideas for decorating your graduation cap for adults like this one below.

DIY Floral Crown Headdress for your Graduation Cap

Are something you can only wear for graduation day. Kinda of a lot of effort to wear for just one day.

But if when you attach one of our floral crown headdresses (made with faux flowers) to jazz up your graduation cap. It not only goest from this

To this –

Which is colorful, festive and will make it easier for your friends and family to spot you among the crowd of other graduates.  But the BONUS is after the ceremony is over you can wear the crown on your head for other celebratory events.

The one above was made for a gay friend who planned to wear it to Pride events.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a floral headdress in your school colors

Or your sorority colors or just your favorite style of flowers?

If you are in the SF Bay Area, you can come to The HeaddressWorkshop and take one of our classes where you DIY a floral headdress. The classes are held in the showroom of Mannequin Madness – where we have lots of mannequin heads for you to use as a canvas

Otherwise you can give us a call and we can custom make one for you.


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