Here are some guestbook ideas that are instagrammable in addition to something that the guest can display or use after the event is over.

1 Cover a mannequin in chalkboard paint and give guests chalkboard pens in various colors.

You can use a full size mannequin –

Or just a torso

2 Instead of a fiberglass mannequin you can also use a cloth dress form and a Sharpie pen like Rachel Greenblatt did at her bat mitzvah celebration.


Unlike chalk, the ink from the Sharpie pen won’t rub off, so the dress form can be repurposed after the event. The girl can use it to hang clothing or jewelry.

Here are some ideas from Shutterfly

For anyone out there that wants to ensure that the person being honored doesn’t lose touch with their “roots”, consider this fun idea. Have your guests leave their own “personal touch” (a.k.a. fingerprint) as a leaf on a growing tree branch. As the people trickle into the event, it will be fun to watch the barren branches blossom right before your eyes!


If you’re looking for a unique guest book and wall decoration for your grad party, consider this idea. First paint a wooden letter of the graduate’s first initial, then have your guests sign in using permanent markers. Source:  CollegeFashion

Here’s a digital idea—have your guest use any tablet to record a personalized video message instead of signing a traditional guest book. After the party, all the clips can be combined into one amazing video for the graduate to enjoy. Add a little extra nostalgia into the mix by using the most popular song at the time in the background of the video.

Source One Love Photography