We’ve been selling plus size mannequins and dress forms for almost 20 years at Mannequin Madness. Because we always believed that women of all sizes should be represented in retail window displays. Maybe now the Lizzo is on the cover of Vogue and Rihanna is showing plus size models in her lingerie show, more retailers will add plus size mannequins in their retail displays.

But given that the average mannequin is a size 4, a mannequin with the  measurements of a size 12 woman is considered “plus size.”

Our plus size mannequins are available with our without heads and in tan color or white.

In the past plus size mannequins looked a little matronly. But now they are starting to be more voluptuous.

We have several different styles of plus size body forms that go up to size 18/20

And plus size sewing forms with or without legs that go to size 24.

If you are looking for a plus size mannequin click here and a plus size dress form click here.


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