Floral crown headdresses have many advantages over wearing a tiara. And you will still feel like a princess when you wear it.Check it out- 

1 A floral crown headress can be made out of vibrant flowers of any color.   

2 Or the flowers can be monochromatic and match the exact color of your dress.

3 The design of a floral crown headdress can match your personality. It can be demure and sweet.

4 Or bold and powerful.

 5 A floral crown headdress can be made with real flowers or artificial flowers.  

The advantage of using artificial flowers is you don’t have to worry about whether your favorite flower is in season.

Plus artificial flowers won’t wilt -very important if you are going to be outside in warm weather!

Another advantage for using artificial flowers is you will be able to wear your flower crown again headdress again in the future. Perhaps for Day of the Dead celebrations or at a music festival.

 See our Quinceanera board on Pinterest for more ideas like this. If you want a custom made floral crown headdress or a headdress making party as an activity your family can do together, contact TheHeaddressWorkshop.