If you are looking for a used mannequin or dress form we have a huge selection which you can see on the video at the bottom of this post.

Some of our used items are practically brand new, others are gently used and some are distressed items you might want for a Halloween prop.

Many large retailers are closing or remodeling stores and we are recycling their unwanted mannequins.

However because we have so much inventory coming in so quickly we often don’t have time to post them on our website.

Our customers in the San Francisco Bay Area where we  are located, can easily drop by and see what we have. But for customers out of the area, they have a solution so they can see our warehouse “virtually.”

Once a month we are going to do a quick video tour of what is in our warehouse which we will upload here on our website.

If you see something you like, you can call us and we will video conference with you to give you more details about the item. Or we can send you digital photos.

Check out what we have currently.