If you think floral headdresses are just for daytime  like Coachella or a springtime wedding, think again. Here is an example by Cardi B.   

A floral headdress can add drama to whatever you are wearing. And floral headdress looks good on all women – regardless of body type, size or age. Here are of three of our customers wearing custom made floral headdresses at black tie events. 1 Shelia P Coates, the owner of Be Your Brand Unlimited, wore a headdress when she received  an award from the Living Legend Foundation, an organization for executives in the music industry. 

The custom floral headdress gave her a highly visible look both on the red carpet and when she was onstage giving her acceptance speech.  It was the perfect complement to her high/lo look of pairing a Robert Cavalli mermaid skirt with a long sleeved T-shirt.

At The Headdress Workshop we make our custom headdresses out of the highest quality artificial flowers and foliage on the market. Their life-like appearance makes it look as if you are wearing real flowers, but they won’t wilt under the heat of hot lights. 2 Jewelry designer Dorian Webb came to one of our headdress classes to make her own floral headdress when she attended the MOAD gala.

  In addition to artificial flowers we provide other materials for headdresses – butterflies, succulents, branches and sparkly things – to add in the headdress. So then you have wearable art that you can wear again and again, not just one time.

3 Andrea Breaux, bought an Oscar de La Renta  gown to wear to a  gala and asked us to design a floral headdress for an extra “wow” factor to her look. We selected flowers in colors that perfectly complemented her gown and added feathers and glittery branches for more drama.

 So next time you are going to a red carpet event, consider wearing a floral crown headdress. At The Headdress Workshop provides you with multiple choices, you can buy one our pre-made headdresses, you can attend our headdress classes and make your own or we can custom make one for you.