The size and height of the average male mannequin is too large to fit vintage clothing, especially vintage military uniforms. And a teen age size mannequin won’t have the right body proportions.

Mannequin Madness has short stature adult male mannequins for you to choose from.

1 This mannequin is 5”9” and has formed hair. If you are doing a retro themed display, say for from the 1940’, 50’s or 60’s, formed hair on a mannequin was the style then. But you can also put a wig on this mannequin, if you don’t like the formed hair.

2 This male mannequin has a short stature but powerful presence. He is very popular with our customers who are displaying vintage military apparel. Hs is 5’8” tall.

This is another short stature in male mannequin (5’8”) popular with people displaying vintage military gear. They like him because he has bendable arms that you can pose to hold gear or weapons.

To see all of these short stature male mannequins we have for sale, click here.


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