If you have a mannequin or dress form with broken or missing pieces, we have a wide selection of replacement parts that can (almost) make your mannequin seem brand new. And we sell dress form stands and neck caps a la cart.

We recommend first that if you know the name of the brand who manufactured your dress form or mannequin, it is best to go directly to that company for replacement parts. If that is not possible, then we have these options for you.

Mannequin Hands – The male and female hands we carry fit on 75% of the NEW mannequins on the market that are imported from China. If you have a vintage mannequin the attachment fittings might not match. But some customers remove the metal attachment fittings and use liquid glue to permanently affix the hand.

Mannequin stands – There is not a universal stand that fits all mannequins, but we carry a square shaped metal stand and a round shaped metal stand  and they work with a large percentage of the mannequins on the market. We offer metal stands because the glass stands tend to break easily.

Attachment fittings – sometimes the metal pieces that attach the limbs to the body of the mannequin wear out. So we have hand fitting, arm attachments, torso connectors,and  leg attachments

Neck Caps -the neck caps on dress forms aren’t critical to the functionality of the dress form, but they do give it a more finished look instead of a big gaping hole. We sell a variety of metal and wood neck caps.

Some of the inexpensive dress forms on the market have a plastic connector piece that attaches the form to the pole that connects to the stand. Plastic breaks very easily that is why our connectors are made out of metal. 

Dress Form Stands You can change the aesthetic of the dress form by changing the type of stand it is on. A metal stand creates a different look, form a wood stand or a stand with wheels.  We have all of those options and in different colors and styles.

If you dress form hangs from a hook at the neck and it is showing signs of wear and tear, we sell replacement  wire hooks

If you are displaying an item with sleeves and you have a dress form, we have bendable cloth arms you can pin onto the dress form so the garment looks more appealing.  We have male and female arms.

You can order these items directly from our website if you are in the lower 48 states.

 If you are in Hawaii or Alaska or in another country we can ship these items for the US postal service. Just send us an email with your address and the items you want and we will get a shipping quote and send you an invoice for the total. You can pay the invoice online.


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