Dress form Christmas trees continue to grow in popularity as stylish holiday decor, They are they fashion forward and stylish AND at the end of the holiday season, you can remove the decorations and use the dress form the rest of the year to display clothing or jewelry. So that makes this idea practical AND decorative.

Mannequin Madness is the expert on Dress Form Christmas trees. We created one of the first boards on Pinterest dedicated to Dress Form Christmas trees in 2003 and created digital tutorials for making them in 2004.

This was the dress form Christmas Tree we created from from our very first tutorial and we used a recycled dress form. This was before the Dress Form Christmas trees became more grand and elaborate.

Here is an upscale version of what can be created with that first tutorial. This is Dress Form

Christmas Tree was on display in the White House when Obama was in office.

All the Dress Form Christmas trees in this post (except for the White House one) are from customers who made them using one of our four styles of Dress Form Christmas Tree digital tutorials. Some of the customers bought the dress form from us as well.

Dress Form Christmas trees are like snowflakes, no two are alike, even when using the same digital tutorial and similar materials. It is like getting a chance to be a fashion designer when you make a Dress Form Christmas tree.

For example these two customers purchased our “Flirty” Dress Form Christmas Tree tutorial. We gave it that name because the form looks like it is wearing a cocktail party dress. Both customers used a wire dress form, pine garland and added jewelry at the neck. But look how different they are!

Everyone has a different design aesthetic and unique vision of what they find attractive.

Also certain styles are popular based on the region and ethnicity of the person. Or even the zodiac sign. A lot of my fellow Leo customers love anything with a leopard print

Our customers who live in colder climates buy our wire dress forms to create a display like this one using our tutorial for live garland.

We made our tutorials digital so that people outside of the US can purchase them. Each tutorial has endless variations that you can do to customize it to your design aesthetic.

Look at these two which were made using the Grand Diva Dress Form Tutorial which has an underskirt made out of chicken wire

Note: a drapery finial can be glued to the neck cap of your dress form to make it more decorative. Or you can do like this customer did and attach a crown

Inspired and ready to get started? If you don’t already have a dress form, you can buy one from us and the tutorial is free when you type in the code TREE at check out. Details are here.

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