We are no longer just the place to buy a mannequin. We have turned our showroom into creative space for various crafting and DIY projects. Here are some things you can do:

1 Make a Custom Holiday Wreath – earlier this year  we acquired a huge inventory of faux pine garland from a retailer that went out of business. So we decided to use this as an opportunity to create a wreath making workshop.

We have an amazing supply of traditional and non-traditional holiday decorations so you can create a wreath as unique as you are. You can make a wreath in one hour, just using a glue gun. For more information click here

2 Make a Floral Headdress – A headdress is trendy fashion accessory to wear for holiday parties. It can can add sparkle to whatever you are wearing.  And a headdress looks good on all shapes, sizes and ages.

Mannequin heads are the perfect canvas for creating a headdress and we have plenty of them. Every week we have A Headdress Workshop class where you can choose from an array of faux flowers, foliage, feathers, butterflies, jewelry and more to design a headdress.

Or if you don’t want to DIY you can buy one our custom made ones we have in the showroom.

3 Dress Form Christmas trees – These are the continuing to grow in popularity as holiday decor.  Besides being “fashion forward” in design, they are the eco-friendly way to decorate for the holidays. Because once you remove the decoration you can use the dress form the rest of the year to display clothing or jewelry.

We have digital tutorials with step by step instructions on how to make the four different styles of dress form Christmas trees.  And if you need a dress form, we have gently used ones in our Oakland warehouse.

Bonus: Coming Soon : “Fur Baby” Madness

Several times a month you can our photo studio will be available for you to capture fun and fast photos of your

Fur Baby (dogs only).  You have the option of using our dog photographer or taking the photos yourself. If you want to be notified when our “furtography” studio is open send us an email: sales@mannequinmadness.com

We hope to see you soon. More crafting workshops to come in 2020.

We have a wide variety of seasonal props that we recycled from retail stores that are perfect for unique photo-ops


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