Dog mannequins are not only for retailers selling dog accessories, but as a nice addition to any store window display. Or as sculpture to put on the shelf in your home or office.

We have a variety of breeds for sale in various colors and poses.

Many of them have detachable parts to make it easy for you to dress them.

We carry a variety of breeds in different sizes and paint finishes.

And we even have one cat mannequin, which are very hard to find.

Perhaps you can find a replica of your own “fur baby.”

Dog mannequins are used in creative ways by all kinds of retailers, like this one from Luis Vuitton.

To Ralph Lauren

Check out this board on Pinterest for more ideas on using dog mannequins for store displays.

Whether you want a dog mannequin for your store or as a decorative item for your home,  you can find them here.

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