If you have seen the dress form cupcake stands on Pinterest and wanted one, we have a tutorial to show you how to make them. 


It seems the dress form cupcake stand trend was started by the Etsy seller who goes by the name the Event Fairy.  Her handmade cupcake stands require a 3 week lead time and cost $200 (not including the cupcakes of course) She calls them Couture Cupcake stands and has them available in a variety of colored fabric.


There are so many different styles of dress form cupcake stands. The advantage of using a full size dress form (versus the hollow backed ones) is after the event is over you can re-use the dress form to display jewelry or clothing. 


You can customize the dress form cupcake stand to match your color scheme

Or for a seasonal theme like Mardi Gras.

In addition to the tutorial to show you how to make them, we also have new and used dress forms for sale which you will need to construct the stand.