Floral crown headdresses are having a renaissance, popping up at other places besides weddings, high tea and Coachella. Here are 10 reasons why they are so popular and why they are a fashion “must have.”

 Note the floral crown headdresses described here are made out of faux, not fresh flowers so you can wear the headdress for years.

 1 A headdress looks good on women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

 2 The right floral crown headdress can make a fabulous outfit even more fabulous.

 3 A headdress adds drama to a little black dress.

 4 If you are into cosplay, your costumes will more authentic and finished with a headdress.

5 At  Day of the Dead events, a headdress helps you “get in the spirit.”

 6 Headdresses in the colors of your favorite sports team are more interesting than a baseball cap. (go Niner’s) 

 7 Floral Crown Headdresses are great props for Mommy and Me photo’s.

 8 Matching headdresses among your friends or sorority sisters can create a sense of unity. A floral crown headdress class is a fun activity to do together.

  9 Wearing a headdress is like wearing a smile on your head as it causes passerby to smile at you (and sometimes ask to take a photo with you)

  You can design your headdress at The Headdress Workshop in Oakland,Ca  or buy one of their custom made ones. 



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