According this article in Psychology Today, making things with your hands is great for decreasing stress, relieving anxiety and improving mental health. In addition, research confirms that making things with your hands is a large part of finding your flow, and flow is highly correlated with happiness.

In case you say “I’m just not that creative” – that is not true. Every human being is creative. According to the book The Creativity Cure which was written by two medical doctors, having a regular creative practice is a vital key to having a happy and fulfilling life.

At The Headdress Workshop in Oakland, we provide an opportunity for you to hand make a custom headdress and walk out the door wearing it in 90 minutes later. A minimum of time, for a maximum return. A chance to disconnect from technology, connect with your creative spirit and commune with others.

Here are some other reasons why you would want to book a class and bring you co-workers. The photos below are from the classes held in our facility which is in the showroom of Mannequin Madness. (That is why you see mannequins in the background of some of the photos)

1 Creative Freedom. This is not a cookie cutter activity where everyone has to make an identical design. Even on the rare occasion when people select the same materials, how they choose to interpret using the materials varies widely. So everyone gets to design custom look that fits their style and personality.

2 Inclusive. Regardless of the age, body size, shape or height of the person, there is a headdress design that will look good on them. And it works for all hair lengths and textures – as well as for people who are bald.

3 Non-competitive – There is no “right” or “wrong” way to design a headdress. People get to express their creativity without fear of making a mistake or judgement.

4 Highly Individualized – A headdress class is a group activity that both the introvert and extrovert can enjoy doing together.

5 Beginners welcome. If you can hold a glue gun, you can make a headdress. No other previous crafting experience is necessary. And since this is not a physically taxing activity, people who are differently abled can participate.

6 Gender Neutral – A headdress is gender neutral, so both males and females can wear one. While offer other materials – sea shells, snakes, zip ties, beads etc – besides flowers that people can use on their headdress.

7 Long Lasting Souvenir – The crafting materials we offer such as faux flowers and other embellishments t won’t wilt or fade, so the headdress can be worn for years. So every time the attendees wears it they will be reminded of this time together.

8 Lastly memory. A group photo of everyone wearing a headdress is an awesome image for social media or to print out and hang on the wall.

At The Headdress Workshop in Oakland, Ca we have public group classes every Sunday at 2pm. Private groups (minimum of 6 people, maximum of 15) can select their own day and time. Visit or email us at


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