Hundreds of people have taken our floral crown workshop and we have compiled a list of the 10 top things they liked about the class, especially those who took the class with friends or co-workers.

First here are a few facts about doing any creative activity.

When you make something with your hands it decreases stress, relieves anxiety and improves mental health. In addition, research confirms that making things with your hands is a large part of finding your flow, and flow is highly correlated with happiness.

And when you make a floral crown headdress you get all of the benefits of making things by hands PLUS you have something beautiful to wear.

1 Although a floral crown class is a group activity, it is highly individualized. Everyone gets to design something that fits their fashion style and personality.

2 A headdress looks good on everyone – regardless of age, body size, shape or height. (The woman in the middle is my mom at her 90th birthday party)

 3 A headdress is adaptable for all hair lengths, textures and styles.

4 A flower crown headdress class is an activity that both the introvert and extrovert can enjoy doing together side by side.

5 Unlike paint and sip, you get to leave with art you can wear instead of art for your wall. And no special skill are required, it is not messy and you only use a glue gun.

6 A headdress is gender neutral, so both males and females can wear one. And we have other materials besides flowers (shells, zip ties, feathers) that appeal to both genders.

7 Our headdress materials are faux flowers and other embellishments that won’t wilt or fade, so people can wear their headdress multiple times.

8 A group photo of everyone wearing a headdress is an awesome instagram moment.

9 There is no “right or wrong” way to make a headdress. People get to express their creativity without fear of making a mistake or judgement.

10 Making a floral crown headdress is not a physically taxing activity so people who are differently abled can participate. NOTE: Our showroom is wheelchair accessible, but the bathroom is not. However the restaurant across the street is and they let our guests use it.

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