According to this article from Arabia brides magazine, floral crowns are a very popular accessory for women who wear a hijab. This trend is especially popular for brides, but some women are wearing them for other festive occasions.

As the owner of The Headdress Workshop, make it a point to stay on top the latest trends in floral crown headdresses, so that we can appeal to the needs of diverse population in the Bay Area. We have an amazing selection of faux flowers which look so life like people think they are real. This way you can wear the floral crown over and over again.

In our showroom we offer floral crown workshops where women can design their own headdress. We often host bachelorette parties where women bring their friends and family and everyone makes a floral crown. And then they take a group photo in our photo studio. We have a full kitchen on the premises to make it a catered affair.

If you would like for us to host your floral crown party, contact us at One of our instructors is fluent in Arabic.

For more examples of stunning and feminine bridal hijabs with floral crowns check out this Pinterest board.


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