Many successful fundraising campaigns have involved artists or celebrities decorating sculptures which are then auctioned off with the proceeds benefitting a charity.

For example the Hearts Campaign in SF,


the Cows Campaign in Chicago


and there is even a Gorilla campaign in England.


All of these campaigns required big budget to execute.

Here is a way you can take this same idea and scale it down for smaller budgets. Think Mannequin Hands.

Here are five reasons why mannequin hands are the perfect interactive fund-raising art project.

1 Fundraising is about giving and receiving. What better metaphor to symbolize this than an open hand?


2 Mannequin hands are a small surface, so artists won’t have to spend as much money on materials to decorate or spend a lot of time to cover the surface as with other life sized objects.


3 Mannequin hands are easy to display – you can mount them on a wall,  place them on a tabletop or suspend them. They don’t take up a lot of room –  whether you are displaying them in a public venue or in an office.



4  Mannequin hands are inexpensive to purchase and you can get both male and female hands. Often if you are buying in bulk you can receive a quantity discount. We sell new and used mannequin hands and mannequins arms at Mannequin Madness.com


5 While it takes a bit of skill to decorate something large scale like a cow, but even a novice can decorate a mannequin hand So this allows you to include more people involved in decorating the hands from staff members to children.


If you are now sold on the idea of a mannequin hand fundraising campaign, view our Mannequin Hand Board on Pinterest for decorating ideas and visit our website to find hands to purchase.




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